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Our Story

The Purple Cactus is a family owned and operated lavender farm.


 A love of family and love of agriculture were combined to establish the first lavender farm in Colorado County, Texas.

Kevin and Wendy Page retired after 30 years of teaching High School Agriculture and were in search of a way to supplement their income without giving up the time they valued volunteering at their church and being Nana and Pops to four grandchildren.


 Wendy had often thought of opening a garden center upon retirement, but the time requirements didn’t match their family goals.  After taking it to God through prayer, one crop kept emerging, LAVENDER.  Although labor intensive during blooming season, it provided the flexibility they were looking for.   


We are currently involved in field preparation, store front development and product exploration.  In early October we will be planting over 250 lavender plants that represent four different varieties.  We hope you will be able to join us at the farm!

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