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Lavender Letter

March 6, 2019

Greetings from the fields!

For the first time, when we look at our fields we see specks of purple not just green! It
is truly exciting for us, but it is also a little early as we were not expecting to see them
until mid-March or latter. Apparently an early freeze in November, coupled with a warm
February, convinced our lavender it was spring. And it would not have been a problem
except for the late freeze the first week in March.

Lavender is classified not as a flowering plant, but an herbal shrub, and as such is a
fairly hardy plant. We usually would not be concerned about freezing weather unless a
very hard freeze, under 15 degrees, for many hours occurred. In fact, during the winter,
lavender goes into a semi-dormant state in colder climates. Our problem was with our
lavender deciding it was spring, it sent out new growth and with the new growth, new
buds! So we were in a pickle – we knew the plants would survive, but what would a
freeze do to the new growth and buds? To cover, over 200 field plants, or not to cover?
That was the question. Right up to the end we said – NO COVER. But when we looked
at those baby purple buds, we had a change of heart. We COVERED! In what seemed
like gale force winds we braved the cold and covered our babies – the lavender plants.
When we uncovered this morning we were greeted with purple buds still intact. We
have no idea if they would have made it on their own.

Hopefully spring is truly here! We are making plans for a Grand Opening on the farm
April 6. Admission is free and we will be serving free Lavender Sangria from 5 – 7 pm.
We hope to see you there!


Purple Cactus Lavender Farm

Be Joyful!
Romans 12:12

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